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Endeavor Walk-a-thon 2023

Endeavor Walk-a-thon 2023

It's our BIG DAY! Endeavor's biggest fundraiser of the year has kicked off! The event happens Friday, September 22, 2023!  Watch social media and the Rocket Review for pictures of all the fun. The students are going to love the school wide celebrations that are planned this year!

You can click here to donate and put your student's class in the lead! Totals and winning classes will be announced Monday, September, 25.

Our goal is to reach $25,000.00 for our school which includes amazing prizes for our students!

When we get to $15,000-The principals and other staff will dye their hair
When we get to $20,000- You will be entered to dunk the principals
When we get to $25,000- Ask your student about the mystery prize that was revealed this week! 

We also have some prizes for the top class in each grade level and a spirit stick for any student who donates something for our school! Remember everyone, Every Penny Counts!

THANK YOU for all your support, whether it be volunteering your time, or donating water, popsicles, or money. We couldn't do this without our supportive Rocket community. 


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