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5th and 6th grade Ohio State Testing This Week!

5th and 6th grade Ohio State Testing This Week!

Rocket Families!

This week, April 9th-12th, the 5th and 6th grade Rockets will be taking the ELA portion of the Ohio State Test. This can be a very exciting and stressful time for our staff and students but WE know that they are going to do their best on the test!

Here is the Schedule for the week...

5th grade Rockets-Tuesday April 9th and Wednesday April 10th 9:00am
6th grade Rockets- Thursday April 11th and Friday April 12th 9:00am



Here are some tips to help have your child do their BEST on the TEST...

1. Take a moment to talk with your child about them doing their best and have them try not to worry. Testing anxiety always tends to sneak up on us, but remind them we have amazing staff members willing to help.

2. Sleep is very important for the brain! Think about a reasonable bedtime of 9:00 or 9:30 so your child can maximize their thinking and focus.

3. Try to have them eat something for breakfast. Remember that we will have breakfast everyday for our students and they can use their lunch accounts to pay for it.

4. Watch the clock and don't be late. Set a couple alarms and make sure to get to school BEFORE 8:20 so that your child can come in, go to class, and get ready!

5. No electronics. Please remind your child that smart watches, cell phones, and anything electronic is strictly prohibited in the classroom during testing. If they bring it to school, they need to put it in their backpack or locker (as usual) and not get it out until the end of the day. 

6. Words of encouragement! Our staff is ready to go with extra support, care, and praise for your child to do their best. Write notes of encouragement, give hugs, dance to music, whatever will make your child smile and get them ready!

7. Let us know if your child will be sick, late, or miss the testing day so we can organize a "make-up" day for their test. We MUST have everyone take the test for the state within the window. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Schneider and he will be happy to help!


Mrs. Webber, Mr. Schneider, and the Rocket staff know that our students will go above and beyond with testing and it's a huge thanks to YOU! Thank you Parents and Guardians for supporting us here at Endeavor!

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